About the GraphDial Project:

The two central objectives of GraphDial are:

  1. The development of new neural approaches to dialogue management (dialogue state tracking and action selection) using probabilistic graphs as core representation of the dialogue state. Relying on graphs to capture the dialogue state makes it possible to capture rich conversational contexts including varying numbers of entities and relations.

  2. The use of weak supervision to learn the parameters of these graph-based models from indirect data, which are much easier to collect than annotated dialogue data. The project will integrate weak supervision signals extracted from heuristic rules, grounding responses, and structural constraints.

The project will develop generic models of dialogue management that are applicable to a broad range of domains. The experimental evaluation will be done in the context of human-robot interaction tasks and a secondary objective is to improve dialogue modelling techniques in this particular domain.

Project organisation:

The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) will be responsible for the overall management of GraphDial. The project leader is Pierre Lison.

The project is planned for a duration of four years and is divided in four work packages. The timeline is illustrated below: